Costa rica flag

Costa Rica

By tadams7
  • Sep 18, 1502

    Costa Rica is named

    Christopher Columbus visits the area and names it Costa Rica which translates as Rich Coast
  • Period: Jan 1, 1561 to Dec 31, 1561


    Spain's Juan de Cavallon leads the first successful colonizers into Costa Rica's Central Valley. They establish a small settlement. Costa Rica did not develop into a country with a few people owning all the land as happened in Mexico and the rest of Central America. For a long time cocoa beans were used as payment.
  • Coffee is introduced

    Coffee is introduced into Costa Rica from Cuba
  • Gaining Independence

    Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, & Nicaragua, gain independence
  • Period: to

    President elected

    Juan Rafael Mora Porras is president from 1849 to 1859.
  • Exploration

    On 15th of September the exploratory expedition commanded by Rafael Oreamuno hoisted the flag of Costa Rica at Isla del Coco on orders of the government of president Jesús Jiménez. It was later used as a prison for political prisoners.
  • Invasion

    US marines invade Costa Rica
  • Constitution

    Costa Rica adopts Constitution
  • Volcano eruption

    Arenal has not erupted for 450 years. After a period of intensifying activity the volcano produces an explosive eruption of hot avalanches and ejected blocks that devastate the west side of the volcano and kill 78 people.
  • president election

    Miguel Angel Rodriguez (PUSC) elected president.
  • New president elected

    Nobel Peace Prize winner Oscar Arias Sanchez is elected president again.
  • Earthquake hits Costa Rica

    A 6.2 magnitude earthquake hit Costa Rica´s region of Volcan Poás, with an epicenter near Cinchona. It was caused by Varablanca-Angel fault.