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  • Concerts

    A composition for orchestra in which a group make a musical change
    Has a large history since the barroque era
  • Concerts

    Is a composition for orquestra in which a big group exchange music material for the public
    It has a large story since the barroque era
  • The Battle of Trafalgar

    The Battle of Trafalgar
    The Battle of Trafalgar is libered near the Cádiz.
    Then Austria and Rusia allied to England
  • Revolution of 1820

    Revolution of 1820
    It was called such as a set of revolutionary processes that take place in Europe then the Napoleonic wars
  • Coup of state in France

    Coup of state in France
    Napoleon III leads a coup in France against his second term ended
  • Sale of Texas to the US

    Sale of Texas to the US
    The general Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna return to the power as the President of Mexico and during the time of his command sales to the US part of Mexico
  • Opel

    The inauguration of the German automobile company in 1899 before the secod world war, has an important place in the Aleman market.
  • Mexican Revolution

    Mexican Revolution
    The Mexican Revolution starts like a rebellion against President Porfirio Diaz
  • Second World War

    Second World War
    As the second world war was implanted, many latins join the United States Army
  • Artificial hard

    Artificial hard
    The fist was in 2000 use by Peter Houghton because he was almost dying so he used a permantent artificial hard.
  • Facebook

    Mark Zuckerberg create the first social media call Facebook but first it was only for students until it started to be popular and then it was used all over the world.