LMS6-Kris Owen-Timeline

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  • Date of BIrth

    I was born in liberty hospital in 2003 on 25 of August. I was a beautiful baby boy.
  • When I turned Blue

    I jumped of a chair and landed on my chest.
  • when I broke my rist

    When I was playing soccer I tried to block the ball and it broke my rist.
  • Going to the missouri game

    I went to the missouri game with my grandma and my sister on my birthday.
  • When I learned how to a back flip on hard growned

    I was on the couch and I asked my dad to help me do it of the couch and then I did it.
  • When I met treven In fifth grade

    I met treven in a football game out at recess when we got on the same team.
  • When I went to texas

    We drove to texas and played in the ocean.