Computer History

  • TV

    Watch movies with friends and family. You can connect a game system like a xbox or PS3 so you can play instead of watch.
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    Computer History

    Computer Timeline
  • Food Blender

    Blend food like fruit to make smoothies or milkshake
  • computer

    The computer is a basic piece of technology that is more accurate on what is going on in the world than books and radio.
  • PSP

    Plays games, buy portable videos/movies to watch. Upload photos to see from the past.
  • Xbox

    The Xbox can play DVDs and game. The Xbox can download games and demos of upcoming games. You can also download/play movies and music whenever you like.
  • WII

    You can play games and it comes with a wireless controller, and a motion sensor.
  • PS3

    Play online games and split screen with your friends.
  • Iphone

    Plays music, plays Videos, plays games, send emails, chat to friends, video chat, play online games, download games/apps/videos/music.