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  • First Apple home computer

    First Apple home computer
    The first Apple computer was the first apple computer ever made. It was made in 1976.
  • First Cellular pPhone

    First Cellular pPhone
    This phone was the first phone that was the first portable home from 1979
  • Sony Walkman

    Sony Walkman
    In 1980 the first portable mp3 player was actually called a Sony Walkman and it was the first every made in 1980.
  • IMB PC

    IMB PC
    In July of 1981, IMB representatives met for the first time to create the IMB PC.
  • First cellular phone with network

    First cellular phone with network
    This cellular network phone from 1983 can let you talk to any one of your friends or relatives that you want to contact from anywhere in the world
  • First apple macintosh

    First apple macintosh
    The Apple Macintosh was originally made in 1984. This 1980's computer was built to talk to you when you turn the Macintosh on it will say hello to you.
  • First telephone in car

    First telephone in car
    In 1985 as you can tell from the picture you can see that they had invented cars with cell phone and thats what lead to inventing bluetooths
  • First internet and WWW is born

    First internet and WWW is born
    In 1994 the American government thought of release control of internet and WWW is born.
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