colonists and merchants in colonial brazil 1450-1800

  • Jun 28, 1504

    Amerigo Vespucci's observations of the Tupi tribe are published in Munus Novus

    The explorer Amerigo Vespucci's observations of the Tupi tribe are published and spread around Europe causing a debate about the life of Indians in Portugal, about how wether the Tupi were considered people or savages.
  • Apr 27, 1542

    Duarte Coello sends letters to the King asking for help with the colonies

    Duarte Coello, the govenor of Perananbuco sent letters to the Crown asking for more money and to grant him judicial power in order to gain control over his land. However, the king ignores his requests.
  • Conquistador Cristovao Cardoso de Boroos defeats the last Amerindian resistance in the Beapeda hills

    Cristovao Cardoso de Boroos led his army to defeat the indian resistance in the Beapeda hills. He killed 1500 indians, captured 4,000 and founded Sao Cristovao along the Sergripe River.
  • First discoveries of Gold in Rio

    The govenor of Rio De Janeiro recived reports of major gold strikes at Rio de Velhas. Begining of Brazilian gold Rush
  • Treaty of Madrid

    The Spanish agree to give almost half of South America to the Portuguese.
  • Treaty of San Ildefonso

    A new treaty between the Spanish and Portugese reset Pourtugese borders in South America making thier territory larger.