College guidelines

  • Freshmen

    Freshmen year is the one to start preparing. You should begin studying for your PSAT's, begin to think about post-high school plans, and begin to consider what fields you are interested in.
  • Sophmores

    Sophmore year you take your PSAT's. You should be studying for your SAT's as well as beginning to look at colleges. Also if you are thinking about college scholarships this is when you should begin talking to coachs/school administrators.
  • Juniors

    Juniors is the biggest year for the college process. You have the option to retake your PSAT's and well as you take your SAT's. This is the absolute last year to begin looking at colleges if you haven't already.
  • Seniors

    Senior year is when you should be applying. Once you get your SAT scores back you need to decide what colleges interest you. This is also the time to fill out your common app as well as choose a major. This year is when you confirm with the college you want to go to.