• Born

    June 9th 1998, Born
  • First Halloween

    For Halloween I was a little pink fairy.
  • Walked

    Started to walk the day of my first birthday
  • Potty trained

    Potty trained
  • Dad left

    My dad left me and my mom
  • First sister

    My sister was an annoying little brat. She was one pond and fourteen ounces. but now shes all healthy, and now im happy i have her.
  • Fed the ducks

    Went to Stany Park with my Grandpa for the day and fed the ducks.
  • Pre-school

    Went to pre-school for the first time
  • Kindergarden

    Going to kindergarden
  • First crush

    I had my first crush in kindergarden.
  • Valentines Day

    Love Valentines Day.
  • Tie shoes

    Learned how to tie my shoes
  • Dad came back

    My dad came back to see me
  • Dance class

    Had dance lessons in Prince Rupert.
  • Playland

    Went to playland for the first time
  • Taken away

    Got taken away from my mom for a year
  • First pet

    Got my first hamster, his name was Teddy.
  • Lost a family member

    Lost my antee Elva.
  • First brother

    Got my very first brother, then another one came.
  • Christmas

    Best christmas because my whole family has christmas together and that just made it more better.
  • Lost all my baby teeth

    Lost all of my baby teeth, finallly!
  • Graduation

    Had my grade seven Grad.
  • High school

    First time going to high school.
  • Switched schools

    is now going to Sunrise ( Alternative school )