• 221


    created the first chinese empire
  • 400


    538–400, laid the foundations of later Jewish and Christian religion and the beginnings of a scriptural canon.
  • Aug 29, 720


    at this year india emerge
  • Aug 29, 1000

    israel iron age

    star the expantion of populatio
  • Aug 21, 1200


    in 1200 B.C this empire was created
  • Aug 29, 1300


    were written in Classical Egyptian, which continued to be the language of writing until about 1300 BC.
  • babilonnia empire

    hamurabi comes to the throne of the hitherto unimportant city of babylon
  • india

    advance urban culture
  • china

    China is the so-called Peking Man discovered in 1923-27.
  • phoencias

    at the year 2000b.c the phoencian alphabet introduce on greece
  • the appeir of the writting

    the appeir of the writting
    at the year 3000 B.C apeir the writing using only to addministrative accounts the firsts writtings that was found and can be of clay with drawing
  • phoencians

    at the year 3100 B.C tha phorncians invent the alphabet
  • Egypt

    Egyptian civilization coalesced around 3150 BC
  • india

    stone age
  • summerians

    at the year 3500 the sumerians create the decline mesopotamia
  • imtroduction of farming and livestock

    imtroduction of farming and livestock
    at the year 5000 B.C appeir the farming and livestock
  • Egypt

    By about 5500 BC, small tribes living in the Nile valley had developed into a series of cultures demonstrating firm control of agriculture
  • mesopotamia

    was the first civilisation in the world
  • summerians

    at the year 7000B.C the summerians empier apeir
  • summerians

    at this year begging the farming
  • china

    at this year introdusing the farming