civilisation of mesopotamia, china, india, egipcian, isralitias and fenincios

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    .The Phoenician phonetic alphabet was adopted and modified by the Greeks probably at the 8th century BC (around the time of the hippoi depictions). This most likely did not come from a single instance but from a culmination of commercial exchange.[51] This means that before the 8th century, there was a relationship between the Greeks and the Phoenicians
  • india

    their dynasties are:La dinastía Shishunaga:Shishunaga dynasty founded the Magadha Empire in 684 a. C., being the capital Pataliputra and others dynasties

    The history of the region occupied later by the kingdoms of Israel and Judah offers particular problems for the modern historian. Because of the association of this area with the account in the Bible, there is a tendency to see the history of the Levant from almost purely biblical perspective, paying little attention to the post-biblical period.
  • egypt

    Ancient Egypt was a civilization that arose when grouped settlements on the banks of the middle and lower channel of the Nile had three periods of splendor
  • china

    The history of China, as one of the chronology of the world's oldest civilizations continuously until today, has its origins in the Yellow River Basin, home of the first dynasties Xia and Shang.
  • mesopotamia civilisation

    mesopotamia civilisation
    Are are ubicate that wich are euphates and tigris