civil war weapons

  • edged weapons

    artilery me were issued the model 1832 foot artilery sword based on roman gladius model 1840 heavy calvey sabre model 1860 light calvary sabre
  • hand guns

    colt revolvers the most popular vesion in the union was the colt army model 1860 witch was a ad caliber six shot revolver. stocks were made that could be screwed onto the butt of the pistol allowing it to be held at the shoulder increasing rangeand acuracy some had a second function such as a liquor flask or storage for cartriges
  • buck and ball

    buck and ball were issued in paper cartriges that combined the projectilles with the black powder charge to make rapid loading of the weapon possible
  • muskets

    the enfield 1853 rifled musket was used by both the north and the south in the civil war and was the most widly used infantry weapon in the war surpassed only by the springfield model 1861 rifled musket
  • rifles

    the springfield model 1861 was the most widly used shoulder arm during the civil war it was favored for its range,accuracy,and reliability
  • rapid fire weapons

    the gatltling gun was a multi barreled 58 caliber rapid fire reapeating gun that was capable of firing 300 rounds per minute that was created by Dr. richard Jordan Gattling
  • gernades

    the civil war did have crude hand gernades eguiped with a plunger that would detonate opon impact
  • colt revolving rifle

    a few of tese experemental guns were issued to beardan's sharpshooters but due to their unreliability were replaced with sharp rifles
  • field artilery

    the twelve pound cannon "neapoleon" was the most popular smoothbore cannon used during the war. it was widely admired because of its safety,reliability.and killing power expesially at close range
  • cannonballs

    these were used with field artillery
  • submarines

    during the civil war the union was the first to build a submarine the french desighned alligator was the first U.S. Navy submarine