Civil War Janurary- Feburary 1861

  • Fort Johnson seized

    Fort Johnson was seized by South Carolina troops in the Charleston Harbor.
  • Fort Pulaski seized

    On Janurary 2nd, 1861, Fort Pulaski was seized by Georgia state troops.
  • U.S. Arsenal seized

    The U.S. Arsenal was seized by Alabama state troops in Mount Vernon, Alabama.
  • The Seven state discuss secession

    Senators from Mississippi, Alabama, Flordia, Georgia, Louisiana, Texas, and South Carolina met in Washington D.C. to discuss secession.
  • Florida is taking over

    The Apalachicola Arsenal was taken over by Florida
  • Mississippi and Alabama's meeting

    Mississippi and Alabama are meeting to talk about leaving the Union. They would be the first to do so, if they did.
  • Resigning from Mississippi

    Mississippi's Sec. of Interior and the last Southerner in Cabinet resigns. This was Jacob Thompson.
  • The first state to secede

    Mississippi is the first state to secede from the Union.
  • The 2nd state to secede

    Florida is the second state to secede from the Union.
  • 3rd state secedes

    Alabama is the third state to secede from the Union.
  • Fort Taylor prevents seizure

    Fort Taylor is able to prevent from being seized because federal troops occupied it.
  • Compromised killed in Senate

    The U.S. Senate killed the Crittenden Compromise.
  • 4th state secedes

    Georgia is the fouth state to secede from the Union.
  • Ship Island take over

    The Ship Island in the Gulf of Mexico was taken over by Mississippi state troops.
  • U.S. Arsenal taken over

    The U.S. Arsenal in Augusta was taken over by Georgia state troops.
  • 5th state secedes

    Louisiana is the fifth state to secede from the Union.
  • 6th state to secede

    Texas is the sixth state to secede from the Union
  • Confederate government was born

    The Confererate government was from by the delegates from the seceded states.
  • Provisional Constitution

    The six seceded stated adopt a Provisional Constitution.
  • First Confederate President

    The first Confederate President was Jefferson Davis.
  • Peace Commission

    A Peace Commission was established by the Provisional Confederate Congress to stop was with the U.S.
  • U.S. Arsenal seized

    The U.S. Arsenal in San Antonio was seized by Texas state troops.
  • Jefferson Davis is inaugurated

    The first President of the C.S.A. was inagurated. It was Jefferson Davis
  • Paymaster's office seized

    The U.S. paymaster's office was seized in New Orleans by Louisiana state troops.
  • Lincoln arrives

    Lincoln arrives in Washington, D.C., he is not the president at this time.