Civil War

  • Border States

    In April there are quite a few border states that do not have Confederate States or United States.
  • Period: to

    Civil War

  • Union Blockade

    By about April 20th, 1861 the Union blocked confederate ports.
  • Confederate States

    By late May, the Confederate States move into 4 states where they were not before.
  • United States

    By the end of June, the United States moved into two more states, from who were the border states.
  • No Border States

    At the end of 1861 there weren't border states. The people moved into the places where neither the United States or the Confederate States were.
  • Continuing South

    The United States continued south into the Confederate States,
  • Splitting in Half

    By July the United States is trying to split the Confederate States in half.
  • Split

    In early February the United States majorly splits the Confederacy in half.
  • Struggling

    The Confederacy is struggling to keep a hold of their land and try to advance forward.
  • Fighting North

    The Confederate army makes an advance to the North.
  • Back South

    When the Confederates tried to advance North they had to return South soon after.
  • Trying To Move North

    Confederate army advances North again.
  • Going Back South

    The Confederate army once again had to return South.
  • Splitting Again

    The United States advances south, beginning to split the Confederacy again.
  • Split into 3rds

    The United States split the Confederacy into another part.
  • Splitting Again

    The United States is strong and is obviously overtaking the Confederate States. They begin to split the Confederacy into another part.
  • Split Once Again

    The United States seperates the Confederacy once again.
  • Surrendering

    The first part of the Confederacy surrenders.
  • More Surrenders

    The Confederates are obviously at a loss and are surrendering.
  • Defeat

    By this point all of the Confederacy either surrendered or became part of the United States.