China Timeline

By Joshk
  • The Dynasty Falls

    The dynasty collapes and Chiang Kia Shek becomes leader
  • commusnist Party founded

    commusnist Party founded
    Mao Tse-tung Leader or the communsit party in China
  • Shek kicks out soviet union

    Chiang Kia Shek kicks out Soviet Union and kills China communist
  • The long Marched

    The Nationalist had Communist Surrounded, communist break through and march over 5,000 miles.ALso keeps the idea of Communists in china.
  • Japan Invades

    Japan has invaded the nothern part of china
  • World War Two

    They bombed Pearl Harbor,United States Declared war and Fights Japan,Then fights Japan.
  • Civil War begins

    THe communists and Nationalist Fight.
  • War ends

    Communist wins and then Mao takes over power in China. Shek Flees to Taiwan
  • Great Leap Forward

    They advance China to make it a more modern country. But it wasnt Successful
  • Cultural Revolution begins

    Mao was worried about losing support
  • Cultural Rvolution Mao Dies

    Mao dies and Cultural Revolution ends