Chilean Significant Events

By Lantz10
  • Period: to

    House of the Spirits timeline

    The House of the Spirits to reality history timeline
  • New Constitution

    Chile adopts a new Constitution, that is still authoritarian.
  • Esteban retakes Tres Marias

    Esteban comes back to Tres Marias and restores the estate that his father built. He rules as the patron, and has strict control over all the workers.
  • World Depression

    Depressions strikes the entire world, and devastates communities everywhere. It is world-wide, and few countries escape it.
  • Esteban's success amongst depression

    Tres Marias is somehow left almost untouched by the depression. The estates all around them have difficulties, but Esteban’s way of management lets them avoid the crisis.
  • Introducing reform

    Communists, Socialists and Radicals form Popular Front coalition and introduce economic policies based on US New Deal.
  • Pedro's realization

    Pedro begins to realize how different him and Blanca are when it comes to social class and begins to think along the line of socialism and reform in the comming years when he grows older. This is where a shift happens in their relationship.
  • Allies at last

    Chile breaks contact with Japan and Germany, although the influence of their connections with Chile can be seen in technological desgins and other areas. They where the second to last American country to end communication with the Axis powers.
  • Clara predicts an earthquake

    Clara predicts an earthquake that levels the entire countryside, and Esteban breaks every bone in his body under the house but manages to live, and returns to near perfect health.
  • Videla is elected president

    Gabriel González Videla is elected president and persecutes the Communists. Which thus forces many of them to go into exile. The ones who stay are put into concentration camps.
  • Pedro gets kicked of the estate

    Pedro Tercero was caught spreading communist pamphlets by Esteban. Esteban thus forces him off of the plantation, and threatens him if he ever comes back. Pedro now goes everywhere with a donkey carrying all his belongings.
  • World-record earthquake

    Chile is struck by the largest earthquake in history, a record 9.5 on the Richter Scale.
  • Student-rebellion

    Rebels of the Catholic Universities of Valparaiso and Santigo, along with the Universtidy of Chile begin to protest for for socialism.
  • Alba and Miguel

    Miguel and Alba are a part of the protest at the university they attend, despite Alba not fitting in class-wise with the rebels. The protest for political reform of socialist ideals.
  • Nicolas wants to fly

    Nicolas, by German influence, builds a Zepplin like that of prewar German make, but never gets to fly it because of lack of a city permit that doesn't really exsist.
  • Scoialists win the presidency

    Salvador Allende is elected president, the United States is displeased with Chile’s turn to socialism with Allende’s election. The United States launches its own campaign against the new regime.
  • Propaganda against the Socialists

    Esteban and the conservatives launch a propaganda campaign against the new regime to overthrow “The Candidate”.
  • Socialists are overthrown

    Military Coup overthrows the socialist regime, Salvador Allende is killed in the coup, and they establish an authoritarian regime.
  • "The Canidate" is overthrown

    A military regime overthrows "The Canidate" in a military coup, and kills him and jamie in the process, and establish a military regime.
  • The Death of Pablo Neruda

    Pablo Neruda dies, and many are shocked and mourn the passing of the famous poet. The people take advantage of the occasion and protest against the new regime.
  • The Poet's death

    The Poet is mourned by all, including the new government, who even asks poeple, if they want to, to fly their flags at half mast.