Child Development

  • Grasping reflex

    The grasping reflex is a response to a the touch of the palm or hand. giving an infant the ability to grasp an object strong enough to lift it.
  • Rooting reflex

    The rooting reflex is when an infant moves their head or mouth towrd somethig if it touches it anywhere around the mouth.
  • Period: to

    Child Development

  • Raise head to 45 degrees

  • Roll over

  • Coos and gurgles

    The coos and gurgles that emerge at the end of this period are her first attempts at imitating the sounds you make.
  • Primary circular reactions

    From one to four months of age, infants begin to coordinate information from their senses. Infants intentionally repeat actions that occur automatically as reflexes. In this way, infants repeat behaviors they perceive as pleasurable, such as thumb sucking
  • Sit without support

  • Depth perception

    They did a visual clif experiment to see if babies had the abitlity to see the cliff and the infants did not but the babies 6 months and older did.
  • Actual words

    The vocalizations your baby makes are beginning to sound more like words now baba and dada, for instance. They also express emotion in response to the tone of your voice, smiling if you are talking happily, showing distress if you are yelling or expressing anger.
  • Crawl

  • Stand alone

  • Walk