Chicano movement in America

  • League of United Latin American Citizens

    Focused on the assimilation of latino americans to the population. Very similiar to NAACP, in that they strived for equality.
  • Mendez v. Westminster

    After initial threats of lawsuit , individual family was allowed atmittance but no others, so they continued with the law suit to better the latina populations civil rights.
  • Hernandez v. Texas

    Landmark case indicating that all racial minoritys be protected by the 14th amendment that states that all citizens be protected by law.
  • Spanish speaking unity council

    Set to bring together other latino organizations to debate issues.
  • National council of la raza

    Focused on the betterment of latino conditions.
  • Mexican american legal defense and education fund

    Foundations aimed to protect latino civil rights, is a non-profit organization,
  • California proposition 187

    A bill proposed in california to help restrict immigrant voting, it was seen as discrimatory cause it targeted the latino population heavily.