Chicano Movement

  • United Farm Workers Organizing Committee initiated as an independent organization.

    led by Cesar Chavez
  • President Lyndon B. Johnson declares the 'War on Poverty'

  • Rodolfo Acuña starts teaching the first Mexican American history class in Los Angeles, California.

  • The Mexican American Youth Organization is formed

    This organization operated on college campuses in Texas.
  • United Mexican American Stundents organization formed

  • The YCCA evolves into the Brown Berets

    The YCCA (Young Chicanos for Community Action) took a more violent stance because of constant harrassment by LA police and eventually became the Brown Berets
  • The Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund is formed

    exact date unknown
  • Largest student strike in the history of the United states known as the LA blowouts occurs

  • A grand jury indicts the L.A.13 for conspiracy to disrupt the peace in organizing the East L.A. school walkouts.

  • he United Mexican American Students(UMAS) and the Black Student Union(BSU) unite

  • The first National Chicano Youth Liberation Conference is held

  • First Chicano Liberation Day held

  • The Voting Rights Act of 1965 now also allows Mexican Americans to vote.

  • Ronald Reagan elected

    Reagan dissolved many social programs that began in the 60s
  • Tuscon Unified school district Bans ethnic studies courses