Chapter 6 timeline

By ajp814
  • First Saturdy Surprises

    First Saturdy Surprises
    The first Saturday Suprise, Hitler was rebuilding the German air force, reinstating the draft, and arming the nation. Hitler said that all these things were for defense measures. Hitler said that he is ready for a war if anyone starts it.
  • Second Saturday Surprise

    On this day, the German soldiers went into Rhineland and attacked. Rhineland was an mutural area between Germany and France. Hitler went against the agreement they had and invaded it. They wanted to reclaim their land. This was very conterversal because the German generals diagreed with their move, but they were sucessful.
  • Taking Austria

    Hitler had a plan to get Austria on the Nazi's side. He called the Prime Minister of Autria, Kurt von Schuschingg to a meeting in secret. He told him to have Austria become a part of "Greater Germany". He said no but he gave him three days to reconsider. The Germans would ultimitly invade Austria and they had a vote. They decided that they approved of Austria being with Germany.
  • Hitler starts the takeover of Czechoslovakia

    After Hitler went and took over Austria, they went after Czechoslovakia. This was a big part of Hitlers plan. He wanted to take back what belonged to Germany. He went into Czechoslovakia and demanded that they would return back to Germany. The Czechs needed help from the allies but no one was there to help. There then was a meeting that took place that got the Czechs mad. The outcome of the meeting was Hitler being awarded Sudentenland.
  • War against Poland

    Hitler bombed the town of Piotrkow. This started the war on Poland. Germany had taken over the city on the 5th. They then would set fire to the Jewish part of the town. They killed and stole from the Jews. They was much fighting during this time. This was a huge part because it made England and France become involved in this war they did not want to get into.
  • Hitler's decree

    Hitler would make a decree that anybody who threatened the German security would be vanashed. This would allow Hitler to have his way with the people he felt like going against. He would use this decree to make the Jews isolated and degraded .He made all the Jews wear the yellow star tha would identify them. This would be the end for the Jews. In a time spand from late 1939 on foward, Hitler would use this decree to his advantage.
  • Period: to

    Hitler takes the West

    During this timespan, Hitler would control the West. He would take over Denmark and Norway. They would also overrun countries like Belgium, Luxembourg, and the Netherland. He would go onto take over everything besides Britian. They would go onto to hurt and put down the French Jews. They would demoralize them .
  • Hitler invadeds Russia

    Hitler invadeds Russia
    Hitler would invade Russia to go into to get rid of the " Jewish-Bolskevik menance". Hitler brought in four ss units of Einsatgrupen. They would go onto kill many people. They would go onto kill seven-hundred thousand Jews. They also would take out Ukranians, Gypsies, Poles and other people that Germany thought were enemies of them.
  • U.S enters the war

    U.S enters the war
    The United States would enter the war aburbtly. They were attacked by Japan on pearl habor. The U.S declared war on Japan the morning after that. On the 9th, the Japanese ambassaor went to Germany for help against the United States. They were not obligated to be a part of their war they created, but Hitler wanted to go to war. This was a bad move by Germany because they would have the Soviet Union, the U.S, and Britan together.