Chapter 6 Time line

By DannyD1
  • Hitler's "Saturday Surprises"

    This event shows how Hitler would do things out of the blue that surprised everyone. These events occured during the weekends and took the world by surprise each time. An example of one of these "surprises" is on March 8,1835, when Hitler reinstated the draft and began to rebuild the German Military, assuring everyone it was only for "Defensive purposes".
  • Taking Austria

    Hitler got Prime Minister Kurt von Schushnigg of Austria to attend a secret meeting that threatened him. Hitler gave him three days tomake Austria a part of Germany and resign or he would invade the country to "restore order in chaotic country".
  • Appeasing HItler

    This chapter talks about how Hitler wanted to take over the Sudetenland this area was controled by the Czechs. Mussolini invited a bunch of leaders to get Hitler to agree that would stop conquoring lands if it was the last one he took. He agreed and the Czechs were left to fight with only their small Army.
  • Targeting Poland

    Targeting Poland
    In this chapter we learn about the invading and overtaking of Poland. Hitler took over Poland just because he could. No one, not even Germans, were happy with this because many innocent were killed just so he could have a piece of land he did not need. France and the UK declared war on Germany.
  • Conquests in the East

    Conquests in the East
    They made a rule that any non-Germany Polish child could not recieve an education over the 4th grade. They could learn no higher than the number 500, to write their name and a doctirne about German Laws.
  • Conquests in the Qest

    Conquests in the Qest
    By this time Nazi Germany had conquored many western European countries like Denmark, Norway, Belgium, The Neatherlands and Luxembourg.
  • Invasion of Russia

    Invasion of Russia
    Hitler ordered an invasion on Russia to destroy the "Jewish-Bolshevik mence". The SS and SA could kill anyone that they considered an enemy of the state and the killings were more routine after they killed people a lot in Russia.
  • The USA Enters the War

    The US came into the war after the bombing of Pearl Harbor, they declared war on Japan and Japan had the support of Hitler so the US was then involved in a war against the Germans.