Latin america

Chapter 32 Latin America: Revolution and Reaction in the 20th Century Timeline

  • Start of Mexican Revolution

    Start of Mexican Revolution
    Lasted from 1910 - 1920
    Porfirio Diaz had faced political opposition by Francisco Madero. Diaz imprisoned Madero. When Madero was released from prison he had called for a revolt and the Mexican Revolution begun. Many important rebellion groups were led by Pancho Villa and Emiliano Zapata because they were looking to regain people's rights.
    In depth description of the Mexican Revolution
  • Mexican Consitution of 1917

    Mexican Consitution of 1917
    Constitution of 1917 promised land reforms, limitation of foreign ownership, worker’s rights, restriction of the role in church, and educational reform. The creation of the constitution mainly involved the workers and President Lazaro Cardenas.
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  • Mexican Muralist Movement from 1920 - 1940

    Mexican Muralist Movement from 1920 - 1940
    Involved artists such as Diego Rivera and Jose Clemente Orozco.
    Murals were being created by Diego Rivera, Jose Clemente Orozco, and several other artists that recaptured the past and outlined a social program for the future in stunning murals on public buildings. Designed to inform, convince, and entertain.
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  • Brazil Elections

    Brazil Elections
    Involved Getulio Vargas in Brazil.
    Getulio Vargas was elected as president who promised reforms that would help Brazil come back from the collapse of coffee exports. His ideas were based on Mussolini's Italy. He had support from military and made a constitution.
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  • President Franklin Roosevelt introduced Good Neighbor Policy

    President Franklin Roosevelt introduced Good Neighbor Policy
    Involved the United States and several Latin American nations.
    The Good Neighbor Policy had been introduced in order to deal more fairly with Latin America and stop direct interventions.
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  • President Lazaro Cardenas enacts reforms

    President Lazaro Cardenas enacts reforms
    Involved Lazaro Cardenas in Mexico.
    President Cardenas gave 40 million of acres and extended primary and rural education.
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  • Elections in Guatemala

    Elections in Guatemala
    The elections involved Juan Jose Arevalo from Guatemala.
    Juan Jose Arevalo, a middle class and labor coalition man was elected as president. Began a new constitution that gave a land reform and improvements in low class and in workers. His government type was nationalism that later came in conflict with United Fruit Company.
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  • Juan Peron elected as President of Argentina

    Juan Peron elected as President of Argentina
    Involved Juan Peron & his wife Eva Duarte.Peron used his position in the Ministry of Labor & appealed to workers; raising their salaries, improving their benefits, & generally supporting their demands. He gained popularity, aided by his wife Eva Duarte. She was a spokesperson among the lower classes.
    He won b/c of the populist ways brought by his wife & himself
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  • Cuban Revolution

    Cuban Revolution
    Revolution began when Fulgencio Batista suddenly took power during a close election.Fidel Castro being a rising political star started planning the downfall of Batista
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  • Alliance for Progress

    Alliance for Progress
    A belief that economic development would decrease the radical politics but was not much successful.
    Latin and North America both began to question the assumption that development was basically a problem of capital and resources and that appropriate strategies would lead to social and economic improvement, which in turn would forestall revolution.
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  • Zapatistas Movement

    Zapatistas Movement
    Included the Zapatistas that originated from the state of Chiapas in Mexico.
    In the 1900s Mexicans saw that there was no use of little remained from the Constitution, The Zapatistas started in Chiapas and demanded for reforms and had huge support from people.

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