(Chapter 1) A long to the water

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    (Chapter 1) A long walk to the water

    In chapter 1, Salva and his uncle was walking across the deserts, but suddenly there were thiefs coming out, and pushed down Salva's uncle and searched him for any dangerous weapons, then the theives found a gun in uncles jacket pocket, then the theives shooted at salva's uncle and ran away. Salva was infront of his uncle and he was very sad and upset and little bit emotionally angry.
  • (Chapter 2) Along walk to the water(salva)

    Salva has met Nya. When Salva told Nya, that we must go up the mountain hills and tresspassing the country to another new country. And Nya was shocked, and Salva told her that keep going to south.
  • (Chapter 3) A long walk to the water(salva)

    Salva seen the news and got very surprised and finally saw the light of better future for him in America-Rochester, New York 2010. He is able to go to New York for his new future career and his new better education studies.
  • (Chapter 4) A long walk to the water(salva)

    After 6 years of studying at New York. He got another great news for Salva, was that his father was still alive. He was happy as better it can be, and quickly fly back to southern sudan, to the clinic area to see his father, but his father didn't recognize him at first, but once Salva introduces him self again, his father finally remembered all about it and his son with tears coming out of his eyes.
  • (Chapter 5) A long walk to the water(salva)

    Salva asks his afther, where is her mother. But unfortunately his father sadly says that "your mother is still in southern sudan, during this war." Salva couldn't go back to see his mother and his sisters, So he must wait for the war to finish and then go back.
  • (Chapter 6) A long walk to the water(salva)

    Salva made his final choice to saty in New York and study hard and work hard to earn $50,000 dollars to buy every supplies they need and fly back to southern sudan and builds better equipments for the rest of refugees in southern sudan camp to use and have. and also part of it to see his mother. And Salva flyed back to New York continuing his education studies and work.
  • Chapter7(salva)

    as the long night, while Salva and the grounds are walking as far as possible from the war, they are going to a refugee camp in Ethiopia. Maria his friend that he met while walking they are at the same age and similar personality, they are both good friends, but eventually as they walked across grassland known as"a place for lions"."martial was gone vanished into the night. He would never have wandered away from the group on his own. his disappeared could only be one thing. Lion"
  • chaper8(salva)

    crossing a Nile river was a very long path, they've chosen to pass the widest part because the current will not be hard, but it will be longer to pass." they paddle for hours. the scenery and motions were so monotonous that Salva might have slept, except he was afraid that if he did, he nightfall over the side
  • chapter 9 (salva)

    crossing a kobo desert is not an easy thing to do,many people have died while walking,it was very very hot there. "the first day in the desert felt like the longest day Salva had ever lived through."
  • chapter 10(salva)

    this chapter is might his down point for Salva but this is also a thing that makes him stronger, he saw six men and they are carrying guns, they've taken uncle far away and tied him up the tree."Salva watch one of the men aimed his hun at uncle, Three shots rang out. Then the men ran away.
  • Nya(Chapter 1)

    1997 Nya was born.
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    Event 1 - Nya (A long walk to the water)

    In chapter 1 for Nya. Nya have said that going is easy, but in the middle it started to have some difficult problems to solve and to fix by her own. And same as their parents that they have lost during the war. And now they are refugees.
  • Nya

    2009, January The men will start on making a market place. Her Uncle said that a medical Clinic would be made.
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    Event 2 - Nya (A long walk to the water)

    Nya was helping her mother to get clean water, and using plactic bottles to fill up will the unclean water and boil it with heat then they can still drink it but still not very clean enough to drink. Everyday the same thing goes on and on, with Nya and her mother getting enough water and food to survive in the deserts and othr places.
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    Event 3 - Nya (A long walk to the water)

    There was a big lake river faraway, and it took Nya and the villages 3 days to arrive to the big lake river. And Each and every year, when the rain stopped, there will be a big long pond filled with water, and the refugees, including Nya, collects water from the pond, and same thing as usual, just boil it and then pour the dust out and seperate the clean water and the dirt to 2 different bottles. Then after all these steps, you can finally drink some not clean enough water.
  • Nya

    2008, June The nurse says that her illness came from water. They knew that was a problem because they could only get
  • Nya

    2008, June Akeer gets sick. First she had cramps, then stomachaches. Last, she had diarrhea. Her family decides to take her to the clinic which was a few days walk.
  • Nya

    2008, August Two men arrive at the village in a jeep. The have a talk with the village chief, Nya's uncle. His older brother, Deb said that they are talking about water. She doesn't understand why they are talking about water.