• my birth

    I wasborn to clinica Grecia
  • Period: to

    my life

  • my first trip

    Itraveled to chiloe with my family
  • My first day at school

    I go went to school Presiosa sangre
  • Mi first year

    I lived in am apartament
  • Days of fun

    I went to fantasilandia with my family
  • My first kiss

    I kissed Ricardo
  • My first friends

    I met Loreto
  • My first party

    I went to disco
  • My first time

    It was with Alexis
  • My frist boyfriend

    I met Alexis
  • And important christmas

    I was with my boyfriend
  • High school

    I started high school in textil
  • My inportant new year

    I was with my boyfriend (Jesus)
  • My important present

    My mother gave me a ring
  • An inportant travel

    I traveled to los Andes