CAS timeline

Timeline created by Tunde
  • Period: to

    1st what to do

    read the CAS handbook
    planning CAS activities
  • Period: to

    2nd what to do

    30 hours CAS
    at least 1 C, A and S activities
    6 learning outcomes to achieve
  • 1st checkpoint

    Be sure to read the entire CAS Handbook.
    Once you have a plan (approved proposal) you may begin your CAS activities.
    first meeting with the CAS coordinator
    you shall create your PBworks page:
    invite your CAS coordinator to your page
    before the break begins, you should be able to identify at least 3 learning outcomes achieved by your CAS activities
  • 7th checkpoint

    approximately 140 hours of their CAS activities documented after the Holidays.
    Make sure you have filled out all the relevant reflections during the holidays.
    At this point you should have completed at least 8 activities of C, A and S

    At least 15 learning outcomes have been achieved
  • Period: to

    last time check!

    near to the breaktime you must make sure that your CAS is on track, plan activities to fulfill your missing learning outcomes
    make sure your C, A and S are in a good balance
  • 2nd checkpoint

    DP1s should have approximately 30 CAS hours documented
    Meet with the CAS Coordinator if you are not on track or if you have questions
    have completed at least one C, A and S
    All activity (journals and reflections) are uploaded to the PBworks

    At least 6 learning outcomes should been achieved
    the PBworks manager to conduct PBwork workshop, if it's necessary
    invite all classmates to your PBworks
  • Period: to

    3rd what to do

    updating PBworks
    planning new activities
  • 3rd checkpoint

    approximately 40 CAS hours documented in PBworks
    have completed at least 3 activities of C, A and S
    journals and reflections are uploaded to PBworks

    at least 8 learning outcomes have been achieved
  • 8th checkpoint

    near to completion of their CAS requirements.
    Review your Portfolio, Reflection and Journal to see if all requirements, the hours as well as the Learning Outcomes have been achieved.
    Continue working on your CAS activities if needed.
    at least 10 activities of C, A and S
    At least 16 learning outcomes have been achieved (only 1 or 2, which needs to be achieved again)
  • Period: to


    after this you should only focus on your studies, this is the last time to get all the missing outcomes and balanced CAS activities
  • 4th checkpoint

    December break should be a good opportunity to work on CAS activities. (Try pursue a long term activity)
  • 9th checkpoint

    the breaktime is a great opportunity to finish your CAS activities if it's not done yet
    doublecheck your PBworks to make sure it's in order, you have all your reflection and journals with evidence
    make sure that all your activities are recorded on ManageBac as well
  • Period: to

    breaktime activities

    time for longer activity!
    update your PBworks
  • 10th checkpoint

    all 8 learning outcomes has been achieved twice at least
    all reflection provide evidence for the activity
    CAS Coordinator may request a copy of your Portfolio to send to IB. If requested you will be able to keep the original for your records.
    All CAS requirements must be completed and turned into the CAS Coordinator on February 1st. If February 1st falls on a non-school day, then the following school day is the deadline. Failure to meet this deadline may result in no IB diploma being awarded.
  • 5th checkpoint

    review of the PBworks pages - comments are given
    60 CAS hours documented
    have completed at least 5 activities of C, A and S
    At least 10 learning outcomes have been achieved
    invite the DP Coordinator to the PBworks website
  • Period: to

    4th what to do

    make sure your C, A and S are in a good balance
    since February you should have another 60 CAS hours
    try to focus on the learning outcomes which you have not achieved yet
  • 6th checkpoint

    120 hours documented in their Portfolio.
    completed at least 7 activities of C, A and S
    At least 13 learning outcomes have been achieved
    The break is a good time to get involved with CAS activities. Review your Portfolio and the Learning Outcomes to identify the areas that you may need to focus on.