Caber Tossing

  • Acquiring our weird sport

    Acquiring our weird sport
    Today we gathered as a class and looked up "weird sports." After we were then assigned a colleague to market our weird sport to "U.S. Investors."
  • Scotland Caber Tossing

    Scotland Caber Tossing
    Taylor and I analyzed our weird Sport, to learn how Caber Tossing was played, what the rules and regulations are, and how it would translate to the United States.
  • SWOT Analysis

    SWOT Analysis
    Taylor and I, did research and development to understand how bring Caber Tossing to the Unites States would affect the sport. We discussed what the strengths, weaknesses, potential opportunities, and threats to bringing the sport here. After discovering potential threats, we thought of ways on how to address these threats.