Byzantine Empire Timeline

By Bnesje
  • 330

    Emperor Constantine I Founded the Byzantine Capital

    • Roman Empire moved to E. Mediterrainian.
    • Constantine had rebuilt the capital and renamed it Constantinople.
    • 330 AD Constantinople was the new capital and the Roman Empire became Byzantine.
  • 532

    Nika Revolts ( riots)

    • lasted only a week
    • half of the city was destroyed and burned
    • tens of thousands of people were killed
  • Period: 533 to

    General Belsarius Military Campaigns

    • sent to Persia by Justinian
    • over took Sicily and Naples and Ravenna while in Ostrogoth
    • respected for behaving honorably toward conquered
  • 537

    Hagia Sophia Completed

    • Justinian rebuilt the church after riots to make Constantinople " grander than ever ".
    • Hagia Sophia means "holy wisdom"
  • Period: Sep 24, 623 to Sep 24, 1050

    Early Islamic Military Campaigns into Byzantine Teritory

    • war caused by religious beliefs
    • Muslims defeated the Sassanid Persian and Byzantine Roman empires
    • they had fought in past years
  • Sep 24, 1014

    Emperor Basil II Military Conquests of Bulgaria

    • Emperor Basil gave Bulgarian leader court titles after his victory
    • Also gave him positions in provincial administration and high commands in the army
  • Sep 24, 1054

    Great Schism

    • Permanent split between eastern and western Christianity
    • became Eastern Orthodox and Roman Catholic
    • Durin Middle Ages and after their contacts remained distant and guarded
  • Sep 24, 1095

    Emperor Alexius I contacts Pope Urban II of Military Help in Middle East

    • Alexius asked Pope for Christian knights to help fight Muslim Turks
    • Even though popes and emperors from their section did not get along the pope agreed.
    • Pope Urban encouraged the bishops and nobles to join
    • eventually called for war to free the Holy Land
  • Sep 24, 1204

    The Fourth Crusade (attack on Constantinople)

    • crusaders were diverted from fighting Muslims to fighting other Christians
    • helped merchants defeat trade rivals from Byzantine
    • crusader captured and looted Constantinople
  • Sep 24, 1453

    Fall of Constaninople to the Ottoman Turks

    • took place on the harbor war ships and shot cannons at the defensive wall of capital.
    • Constantinople still existed 1000 years after fall of Empire
    • Contantinople present day Istanbul