Brynn's lifeline

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    The beginnings

    This is where my story begins. I was born at 7:14 pm to my loving parents and my 3 year old brother. He was disappointed because I was a girl.
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    The first two years

    Biosocial: I began growing healthy and strong. I started sleeping through the night and started crawling, then walking.
    Cognitive: I started remembering things like numbers and colors and started talking.
    Psychosocial: I became very attached to my mom and got upset when I wasn't with her. I cried, a lot.
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    Early childhood

    Biosocial: I started becoming more quick witted, and developing more skills like being able to play catch with a ball. I also started exploring my artistic abilities.
    Cognitive: I began learning how to interact with others, and developing a larger vocabulary. I also began kindergarten at age 4, and continued in elementary school..
    Psychosocial: I started to learn how to control my emotions and began making friends. I also started getting put in time out when I misbehaved, or spanked.
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    Middle Childhood

    Biosocial: I started becoming stronger and started playing sports like basketball and volleyball. I also began playing the flute in band when I was in 5th grade.
    Cognitive: I began getting smarter, and gaining a large enough vocab to compete a in spelling bee.
    Psychosocial: I started making more friends. But I had one "friend" who would be rude and bully me. I started lying to my parents at times as well.
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    Biosocial: I began puberty and started having crushes on boys. I had my first boyfriend, my first kiss. I also started dating my second boyfriend and became sexually active.
    Cognitive: I completed middle school, and went through high school. I experienced higher level, and AP classes. And began prepping for college. I also became more computer literate.
    Psychosocial: I stopped spending as much time with my parents, began driving and spending time hanging out with friends, and boyfriends.
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    Emerging adulthood

    Biosocial: I became more conscious about my health and what I was eating and making sure I was taking care of myself. I started trying new things to eat and do.
    Cognitive: I began college. I studied and became a CNA then a MA. I began working in Dermatology.
    Psychosocial: I met the man I plan to spend the rest of my life with. We started dating, and moved in together after a few years, and got a dog.
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    Biosocial: I continue trying to take care of myself. I got married to a wonderful man and we had two kids.
    Cognitive: I completed my nursing degree, and started my nursing career. I learned more being a parent.
    Psychosocial: Working on spending time on marriage, kids and career. And maintaining friendships, and seeing my family.
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    Late adulthood

    Biosocial: Dealing with things like old age, menopause, and other health concerns like diabetes and incontinence.
    Cognitive: Dealing with memory loss at times, forgetting things more often. Also not being able to do as much around the house.
    Psychosocial: I retired as a head nurse. Trying to maintain friendships and spending time with husband, kids and grandkids.
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    Death and Dying

    Sadly, this is where my story ends. I passed away peacefully in my sleep. Reflecting on my life, it has been a glorious adventure.