British Politics in 1950

  • Period: to

    55 - 72

  • Sutton Colfield Railstation Crash

  • Winston Churchill Resigns

    Due to Ill-health at the age of 80
  • Foreign Secretary Anthony Eden becomes Prime Minister

  • Anthony Eden wins election

    Anthony Eden wins the general election for the Conservative Party with a majority of 31 seats, an improvement on the 17-seat majority gained by his predecessor Sir Winston Churchill four years ago.
  • Fellowship Party was founded

    The oldest enviromentalist political party to which Benjamin Britten and Spike Milligan were members of.
    They believed in peace, and socialism Christianity
  • Billy Idol born

  • Anthony Eden loses in the opinion polls

    Eight months after winning the general election and barely a year after becoming prime minister, Anthony Eden's position is looking under threat as opinion polls show Labour (now led by Hugh Gaitskell) in the lead
  • Anthony Eden faces more personal rating troubles

    Doubts about the future of Anthony Eden as prime minister continue as his personal ratings in opinion polls remain low.[14]
  • Anti-smoking campaign

    Minister of Health, RH Turton, rejects a call for the government to lead an anti-smoking campaign arguing that no ill-effects had yet been proven.[17]
  • Eden refuses to comment on Lionel Crabb

    Anthony Eden makes a statement refusing to reveal any details surrounding the mystery of the disappearance of the frogman Lionel Crabb, who vanished after diving near the Soviet cruiser Ordzhonikidze during a state visit by Nikita Khrushchev and Nikolai Bulganin.[19]