Brisingr by Christopher Paolini, fiction, 748 pages

  • chapter 1-4, 50 pages read

    In the passage the book gives some background on Eragon, his cousin Roran, and their current lives. Also, they team up to go to the mountain Helgrind to search for Roran's fiance, Katrina. So far in this search Roran and Eragon have found the lair of the capturers, the Ra'zac, fought them, almost killed them, but are still searching for Katrina. FICTION: Fantasy--1-50pages; total (50)
  • chapter 4-12, 119 pages read

    In this section many things happen. These include the following, we meet new characters such as Nasuada, the Nighthawks, Fadawar, King Orrin, and many others, Eragon goes on a quest by himself to kill the last Ra' zac, meets with Arya, and are their way to return to the Varden encampment, and the elven spellcasters sent to guard and protect Eragon have arrived at the encampment. Fiction: Fantasy-- 50-169 pages; total (169)
  • chapter 12-18, 103 pages read

    Now Eragon is begin to function in the encampmant. Nasuada is healing fom her wounds. Eragon takes away Elva's vow to help people in pain. Fiction: Fantasy -- 169-272 total: (272)
  • chapter 19-22, 69 pages read

    Thorn and Murtagh attack the camp. Eragon and Saphira fend them off. People get ready for Roran and Katrina's wedding. Fiction: Fantasy -- 272-340 total (340)
  • Chapter 22-27, 69 pages read

    Roran and Katrina get married. Eragon goes to the dwarves home. Roran is put under a captain. Fiction: Fantasy -- 341-410 Total: (410)
  • Chapter 28-32, 70 pages read

    Roran fights two fights, wins both. Eragon is attacked and wins. Saphira is bored without Eragon. Fiction: Fantasy -- 410-480 Total: (480)
  • Chapter 33-40, 97 pages read

    Az Sweldn Rak Anhuin is banished from the dwarves. Orik becomes dwarf king. Saphira fixes Isidar Mithrim. Fiction: Fantasy -- 481-578 Total: (578)
  • Chapter 41-50, 105 pages read

    Roran fights an Urgal and wins to take over command of a group of Urgals. Eragon and Saphira fly to train at Ellesmera. Eragon finds out that Brom was his father. Fiction: Fantasy -- 579-684 Total: (684)
  • chapter 51-56, 64 pages read

    Eragon finishes training. He gets a new sword, Brisingr, which bursts into flames when he says its name. A final battle plan is devised. Eragon kills a shade. Oromis, Eragon's teacher, dies. Fiction: Fantasy -- 684-748 Total: (748)