Getulio vargas

Brazil, President Vargas

  • Import Substitution Industralization

    Import Substitution Industralization
    ISI was used in the 1930s when the Great Depression hit in the world. Latin American countries used ISI to help them with their economy.
    The economic development strategy implemented by several Latin American governments during the Great Depression.
    Intended to encourage the growth of domestic industry, ISI emphasized an active role for the state in subsidizing and orchestrating the production of domestically produced goods.
  • Estado Novo (New State)

    Estado Novo (New State)
    Vargas creates Estado Novo (New State)
    Vargas centralized not only the government but also education, labor, and the Brazilian economy.
    The Estado Nôvo curtailed states' rights and favored regional oligarchies, banned strikes and lockouts, and centralized Vargas as the center of all decision-making in the government.