The contender

Book Club Timeline

By Foiised
  • Chapter 1

    Alfred waits for his best friend so they can go to the movies, but finds out the James, his best friend, is hanging out with three trouble makers, Major, Hollis, and Sonnny. Alfred gets beat up by Major and his gang because he did not give them enough information about the Epstein's Store.
  • Chapter 2

    While trying to avoid Major and his henchmen, Alfred thinks he sees Major and goes hiding into Donatelli's gym, where he meets Mr. Donatelli for the very first time.
  • Chapter 3

    Alfred is given the opportunity to become a fighter.
  • Chapter 4

    Determined, Alfred takes Aunt Pearl's alarm clock to get prepared for tomorrow's first day of training.
  • Chapter 5

    To begin the first day of training, Alfred takes a jog through the park. He goes to work to find feelings of distrust.
  • Chapter 6

    In the gym, Alfred finds the place chaotic and soon later, is greeted by Dr. Corey, the dentist from the second floor of the building.
  • Chapter 7

    Alfred joins Henry to watch a boxing match. When he gets dropped off at home, Major, Hollis, and Sonny are waiting for him.
  • Chapter 8

    Major trys to persuade Alfred to help him break into the same grocery store from chapter 1. But Major denies the command and goes home victorious.
  • Chapter 9

    Alfred goes out for a run on the second day of training. When he gets back home, Alfred is interrogated by Aunt Pearl about the strange things he has been doing lately.
  • Chapter 10

    After a few weeks, the training intensifies and Alfred has started shadow boxing. As Alfred meets Reverend Price, he thinks the preacher might go against his decision, but suprizingly encourages him to continue his path.
  • Chapter 11

    Alfred visits the club where he might find James. Alfred gets drunk and high. The next morning, James finally arrives looking like an drug addict and asks for a fix.
  • Chapter 12

    Alfred joins Major to Coney Island, where they go out to have fun, but abandon the plans when they confront a police officer. Alfred goes to the gym to say goodbye to Mr. Donatelli and asks him if he would ever be a contender if he were to continue training. Mr. Donatelli answers he wouldn't know and Alfred himself could only answer that question.
  • Chapter 13

    Motivated once again, but with more intensity, Alfred starts to train again, making incredible progress.
  • Chapter 14

    Spoon suggests that Alfred goes to night school to finish up his high school diploma. During Alfred's first ever match, he fights relentlessly until the end of the match where he wins by majority decision.
  • Chapter 15

    Alfred goes back home where is greeted by Aunt Pearl showing concern over Alfred's injuries. Aunt Pearl tells a story to Alfred about a dream she had and not taking the opportunity she was given.
  • Chapter 16

    After some weeks after his victory, Alfred goes on to fight against his second opponent, Griffin. Alfred wins his second match by knock out but
  • Chapter 17

    Alfred is at a family dinner and each and one of them talk about things that are happening in their lives. When Alfred arrives back home, he finds James whose appearance looks terrible. James insists for some money for one more fix. Alfred regrettably offers the money and James immediately takes off.
  • Chapter 18

    During Alfred's third match against Barnes, he is still shocked by the incident from the last match, causing him to playing little offense and stuck motionless in defense. The match ends in the draw and Mr. Donatelli confronts Alfred that he needs to retire because he does possess the killer instincts needed as a contender and is worried that Alfred might end up with some serious injuries. Alfred is saddened but still, wants to fight one last match before he retires.
  • Chapter 19

    Alfred last match does not end in a victory but he does learn what it feels to be a contender.
  • Chapter 20

    After coming home from the match, Alfred is notified that James is in trouble. Alfred rushes out into the unpleasant New York weather and finds James hiding in the cave at the park. At first, James does not want any help, but slowly Alfred convinces James to be taken to a hospital. Alfred promises James that he will be there right by his side through the process of his recovery.