Bloody valentine by: Melissa de la cruz, fiction, 147 pages

  • chapter 1, 18pages

    In this chapter they introduce the story and the charecters. basically the main charecter went through a tough break up with his girlfriend wich is a vampire who bit the hman. now he wants to just escape the sadness but doesnt know really how.
    FICITION-- 1-18 pages total (18 pages)
  • chapter2, 19-24

    in this chapter the main chercter goes to a place called the "blood House" wich is were the mortals or "familiars" can go to forget about thier vampires after a break up.
    FICTION-- 19-24 Total (24 pages)
  • Chapter 4 pages 24-68

    in this time amount the main charecter finds a new love wich so happens to be a wich. he ends up falling in love with her to get over the vampire and once that happens she moves away and he feals he has hope to move on. And than the story completly changes.....
  • pages 69-147

    Ha nope didnt finish the book i didnt like it :)