• Born

    Born in Denver, Colorado.
  • Move to Michigan

  • Start School at Roeper Private School

  • Jackie, Cousin dies from Aplastic Anemia

  • Started puberty

  • Maternal Grandmother passes away

  • Started High School

  • First boyfriend, Steve

  • Started Undergrad at Michigan State

  • Brother, Kevin gets married

  • Family moves to Maryland

  • Graduated From Michigan State in Psychology

  • Father commits suicide

  • Family moves to Indiana from Maryland for work

  • Move to France

  • Period: to

    Lived in Paris, France

  • Moved back to the United States from France

  • Got engaged to be married

  • Met current boyfriend, Marvin

  • Start Nursing School

  • Graduate Nursing School

  • Date around which I plan to marry Marvin

  • Projected year of death