By kkimani
  • birth

    I was born 8lb 14oz
    psychosocial development:
    My mother says I was a calm baby. I had two older sisters and two loving parents
  • Period: to


    Cognitive development:
    I was on target for my age.
  • 4 months

    Biosocial development:
    My nutritional needs were met with breast milk and baby cereal.
    My growth was on target for my age.
  • learned to walk

    biosocial developent:
    By this age I was well fed and a good eater but tall an thin for my age.
    Cognitive development:
    I was learning to speak short sentences and had a bit of stranger anxiety due to the fact that I was never put in day care.
    Psychosocial Development:
    I was calm and loved to be with my older sisters.
  • Period: to

    started to ride horses

    When I was about 5 years old I started to love my grandparents house because they had horses.
    Biosocial Development:
    I was getting old enough to control the horses on my own and loved riding.
    Cognitive development:
    I learned how to respond to situations that arised wile riding and started to learn how to care for them.
    Psychosocial Behavior:
    I was always surronded by family. I was a girlly girl but loved to get dirty and garden.
  • move to michigan

    Cognitive development:
    It was a big change coming to michigan from a small town in Indiana. To say I didn't like it would be an understatement. From 5 acres and horses to a tiny back yard.
  • 6th grade

    Biosocial development:
    I was 5 feet 8 inches and the tallest kid in class. I loved sports and played volleyball and soccer.
  • new car

    Psycosocial development:
    Got my first car! I was a girly girl and had lots of friends and family.
  • Period: to


    Biosocial development:
    I was a healthy 18 year old.
    Cognitive development:
    I had just finished high school and looked forward to a happy life with my new husband.
    I was very happy and so was my family.
  • the birth of my 4th child, Stephen

    I was healthy and had a smooth delivery.
    psychosocial: I was very happy and loved introducing him to my family and friends.
  • Back to school

    I was 28 years old and decided to return to college.
    Cognitive: I was going to study nursing started with math and biology.
    psychosocial: Little bit scared of how hard it was going to be but had a lot of family support.
  • graduate from msu veterinary school

    Biosocial: Full of life, running on a regular basis.
    Cognitive: loving the thought of starting my new life as a veterinarian and putting my knowledge to use.
    Psychosocial: Happy, ready to start a new venture with the family that loves and supports me.
  • Period: to

    my career as a veterinarian

    Biosocial: I am getting older but still very healthy and active.
    Cognitive: I will forever be learning in my career through research and experience.
    This has been a great job for not only myself but my children and grand children.
  • The birth of my first great grandchild

    Biosocial: I am healthy because of my life choices and good eating habbits. I also exercize on a regular basis.
    Cognitive: I am keeping my mind sharp by studying and life experiences.
    I am becoming more and more humble as I age. My husband and I are enjoying our time together.
  • Period: to

    my last years

    Biosocial: I am still able to live happily with my husband children, great, and great great grand children. I can walk, eat well and do all the things I need to do just at a slower pace. Cognitive: My memory is great I have kept up on my education and it has made me sharp! Psychosocial: I may be slow but I can keep up on the love everyone of my decendants. We are the happiest family in the world and we are always together! My husband and I are still active in the community and share the love.
  • my death

    Biosocial: There is no more growth. Early this morning my children found my husband and I passed in our sleep.
    Cognitive: We are no longer able to think
    Psychosocial: We died a peaceful death hand in hand and our family members were not sad, they were happy we lived such a long happy life!