Biotech researcher 1


By wangolf
  • First smallpox inoculations

    Giacomo Pylarini gives out the first smallpox inoculations to prevent the disease from proceeding to spread.
  • Appendectomy Performed

    The first successful appendectomy was performed by Claudius Aymand.
  • Element of oxygen introduced

    Priestly isolates oxygen
  • First cured disease

    The first disease cured was smallpox and with biomanufacturing this disease was eradicated.
  • Vaccines for smallpox

    Edward Jenner develops the process of vaccination for smallpox, the first vaccine for any disease has proceeded with the process of
  • Nitrious Oxide used as anesthetic

    Doctor Horace Wells uses nitrious oxide as an anesthetic
  • Development of Aspirin

    Felix Hoffman invents aspirin.
  • Classifying blood groups

    Karl Landsteiner introduces the system to divide blood groups into A,B,AB, and O groups.
  • Insulin used for diabetes

    Insulin used to treat diabetes.
  • Atomic Bomb

    First atomic bomb dropped
  • Cardiac Peacemaker

    John Hopps invents the cardiac peacemaker
  • X-Ray

    Rosalind Franklin uses X-ray diffraction to study the structure of DNA
  • Lukemia-fighting Drug

    Gertrude Elion patened a lukemia fighting drug.
  • CAT Scans

    Robert S. Ledly invents the CAT Scans
  • Cleaning Kidneys

    Willem J. Kolff invented the artificial kidney dialysis machine which can use diffusion to get rid of any substances within the kidneys.
  • Sheep Clone

    Dolly the sheep was genetically cloned.
  • Geneticallly Modified foods begins to proceed in process.

    From 1997-1999 GM products has began it's process thoughout markets around the world.