Biological Warfare

  • Jan 1, 1348

    Bubonic Plague Starts

    Bubonic Plague Starts
    Armies would sling dead bodies that were infected with the plague over castle walls to infect the enemies with the plague.
  • Period: Jan 1, 1348 to

    Biological Warfare

    This plague spread throughout Europe, and killed about 1.5 million people. Bodies were thrown over castle wall to spread the plague to enemy forces.
  • Jan 1, 1352

    Bubonic Plague Ends

    Bubonic Plague Ends
    The plague of the Middle Ages ends. 25 million people died from the plague. That is one-third of the entire population of Europe at this time.
  • Indians infected with smallpox

    Indians infected with smallpox
    Native American tribes were given blankets infected with smallpox. Since Native Americans werent immuned to smallpox it spread from tribe to tribe. Smallpox quickly wiped out most of the indian population.
  • Robert Koch

    Robert Koch
    A German scientist named Robert Koch proved that microorgansims cause disease. He injected mice with anthrax spores. The mice contracted the disease, and proved his hypothesis.
  • WWI

    German agents infected horses with glanders disease. The horses were sent to France for the troops.The Germans' use of biological warfare didn't help them very much in the war.
  • Korea's Unit 731

    Korea's Unit 731
    10,000 prisoners were killed in the experimentation of Korean biological weapons. Prisoners were experimented on with bacterial dysentery and many other types of disease. Those that survived the infection were still killed and examined by scientist.
  • Nazi Concentration Camps

    Nazi Concentration Camps
    The Nazis infected the prisoners with Hepatitis A. They studied the results in order to find vaccinations for these types of diseases.Nazis didn't want to weaponize it.
  • Chinese Plague

    Chinese Plague
    Unit 731 weaponized rats infected with the plague. They harvested the fleas off of them to make flea filled bombs. These bombs infected people from China.
  • U.S. Offensive Biological Warfare Program

    U.S. Offensive Biological Warfare Program
    This program was a large-scale biological weapon production. They produced over 5,000 anthrax bombs.
  • Anthrax Outbreak

    Anthrax Outbreak
    Great Britain dropped an anthrax bomb on Gruinard Island off the coast of Scottland to test the effectiveness of their new weapon. The anthrax spores carried across to Scottland and infected cattle. There has been no successful decontamination of this area.
  • Pine Bluff Arsenal

    Pine Bluff Arsenal
    This is a program that started in Arkanas. It is a bacterial production facility. This program helped in the production of most of the U.S. biological weapons.
  • Anitcrop Bomb

    Anitcrop Bomb
    This bomb was approved by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. This bomb was specifically designed for the use of the Air Force. The anitcrop bomb was put in the protection of both the Department of Agriculture and the Air Force
  • Weaponization of Microorganisms

    Weaponization of Microorganisms
    At the end of the Krorean war the weaponization of microorganisms offically started worldwide. Countries didnt just weaponize microorganisms, they also started programs to study on how to protect their troops from biological weapons.
  • Biological weapon production stops in U.S.

    Biological weapon production stops in U.S.
    President Nixon orders the stop of porduction of all toxic weapons. He signed an executive order to stop all research for offensive biological weapons.
  • Biological Weapons Convention

    Biological Weapons Convention
    The U.S. and other countries sign the Biological Weapons Convention. This says that no country can stockpile biological weapons for military purposes. Russia and Iraq have violated this document.
  • Georgi Markov

    Georgi Markov
    A Bulgarian exile named Georgi Markov was stabbed and infected with ricin. The ricin took days to kill him. This is one of the first incidences to show bio-terrorism.
  • Sverdlovsk, Russia

    Sverdlovsk, Russia
    A biological weapons plant mistakenly released anthrax spores. The anthrax killed an unknown amount of people. A laboratory confirmed that there were four different strains of the anthrax spore.
  • Persian Gulf War

    Persian Gulf War
    U.S. Troops are vaccinated for anthrax. The Biological weapons Convention has been broken. Now since other countries have broken this other countries will also.
  • Aum Shinrikyo Cult

    Aum Shinrikyo Cult
    This group released a nerve agent in Tokyo subway stations. They killed 12 people and injured several others. This cult has attempted many other times to do this again.
  • Anthrax Scare

    Anthrax Scare
    Anthrax was sent through the U.S. Mail. Five people died and seventeen people were severely injured.