By njrdbb1
  • day I was born

    day I was born
    This is the magnificant day i was born
  • My first bithday

    My first bithday
    This is the mark of the first year I was on this earth
  • Christmas

    This is the day i got my first game console, the ps1
  • USA

    This is the day I landed in good old USA
  • B-DAY

    This was my first bithday in the USA
  • disney world

    disney world
    Me and my family went to disney world for vacation
  • My first cellphone

    My first cellphone
    On this day, my birthday, i got my first cellphone.
  • soccer

    I scored my goal in soccer
  • Iphone

    For christmas i recieved my iphone 4s. I was very happy.
  • GRAD

    This is the date for my graduation when I graduate high school and move to another leve in my life