Australia's Colonisation History

  • Period: Jan 1, 1400 to


  • First Recorded Visit

    A European man named Williem Jansz sailed down the western coast of Cape York in northern Queensland. Williem Jansz:
    Look at this beautiful place. No doubt I am the first one! I should claim this for Europe. Actually why, we have so much land already. We let somenody have it.... this time.
  • The First Recorded Visit

  • Abel Tasman Named Tasmania

    Abel Tasman: At last we have found land and it seems that no one else knows about it. And they never will. I shall name it "Van Diemans Land" This land know belongs to the Dutch! And I am now the first European visitor.
  • Abel Tasman Named Tasmania

    Tasmanian Islanders: How can the horrid man come a name our land, what was it? Yes, 'Van diemans Land'. What kind of name is that? This Dutch man has not heard the last of it.
  • Abel Tasman Named Tasmania

    Know that we have reached land, our Captain shall finally be satisfied. And so shall I, I miss me home and me family. How much longer must this take? I just want to go home.
  • Captain Cook Discovered Australia

    Captain Cook:
    I don't think that I can watch my own people die anymore. On my boat, everyday pulling more and more dead bodies from under the ships. No more, thank the Lord that we've arrived.
  • Captain Cook Discovers Australia

    At last we have found land, after more than three months on the sea! Thank the Lord! So what do we do now. We completed our journey. We should just go back to England.
  • First Fleet

    Now that we are here it is not like any less people are going to die! Of course Govenor Arthur is going to start and war or something with the people here.
  • First Fleet

    How dare they take our land, our family and everything that we could possibly have! They've already brought diseases that we can't fight. We can't stand it anymore, we need to fight back.
  • First Fleet

    Finally no more sleeping with corpes, thats one up. But even though I won't sleep with dead bodies, dosen't mean I get my family back. And where am I? Black people?
  • The First Fleet

    The British Government decide establish a Penal Colony in New South Wales.
  • British Sight

  • Federation

    Prime Minister:
    How glorious this day is. I do hope that years after this day, that it will still be remembered. Now that we are finally a nation, we can be one. We can help each other
    expand and grow.
  • Federation

    A Random Person
    Now I can look for a job. With less boundaries there will be a lot more options. My family won't starve and our name will live on!
  • Federation

    Parliament Member
    Great! Now we have to make even more rules, elections and all of this other stuff. We don't know anything about running a country or how we start one. Maybe we should ask the Queen for some help.
  • World War 1 started

  • World War One ended

    New Zealanders:
    We fought hard and long for nothing. We claimed no land just dead friends, bodies and men. The Gallipoli war was just a fraction of the war, we only live today to fight tomorrow.
  • World War 1 ended

    At half time, we all stopped and buried our men. We buried more than 80,000 soldiers. Now every year around that day, we stop and we acknowledge the people who fought and died or survived that war and many others.
  • World War One Ended

    We defended freedom and joined allies with England who supported us through it. More than 8000 of our loyal defenders died. And the rest were not as respected as expected. Everyone hated war, and said that the soldiers were encouraging it by going in it.