Attitudes to Empire

  • Great Exhibition

  • Media in Indian Rebellion

    British public horrified by Indians and thrilled by tales of brave heroism by British
  • Jhansi Massacre

  • International Exhibition

    28,000 exhibitors
    36 countries
    South Kensington
    7000 exhibits from India alone
  • Select Committee recommended withdrawal from West African Settlements because of cost

  • Reform Act

  • Gladstone becomes leader of Liberal Party

    Gladstone becomes leader of Liberal Party
    Liked Empire but opposed imperialism
    Thought Disraeli was jingoist
    Still supported empire so differences not as profound as Disraeli was saying
  • Disraeli becomes PM

    Disraeli becomes PM
    Short lived tenure
  • Education Act

    Increased national literacy rate
  • Disraeli's Crystal Palace Speech

    In my opinion no minister in this country will do his duty who neglects any opportunity of reconstructing as much as possible our colonial empire, and of responding to those distant sympathies which may become the source of
    incalculable strength and happiness to this land. Therefore, gentlemen, with respect to the second great object of the Tory party also - the maintenance of the empire — public opinion appears to be in favour of our principles.
  • Disraeli PM again

    Served from 1874 - 1880
  • Disraeli makes Victoria Empress of India

    Disraeli makes Victoria Empress of India
  • Tories won elections

    Used imperialism to win election
  • Disraeli buys 44% of shares in Suez Canal

    Without parliamentary permission
    Worth £4 million
  • Disraeli becomes Earl of Bakersfield

  • Disraeli appoints Robert Lytton as Viceroy

  • Annexed Boer Republic of Transvaal

    Launched war on Zulus and Pedis
    Wanted British Confederation over Southern Africa
  • Nubian Village put on display

    Featured people and animals from South Sudan
    Human zoo
    Displayed at Alexandra Palace
  • Lytton launched invasion into Afghanistan

    Lytton launched invasion into Afghanistan
    Protracted conflict
    10,000 British losses
    20,000 Afghan losses
    Victory - secured British control in Afghanistan
    Acquired north-west frontier
  • Transvaal Boers declare independence

    Mobilised to throw off British
  • British victory in Ulundi

  • British loss at Isandlwana

  • The Boy's Own Paper

    The Boy's Own Paper
    Stories of soldiery across globe
    Contributions from Baden-Powell
  • Liberals won elections

    Tories lost because of setbacks in Afghan and Zulu campaigns
  • Period: to

    First Anglo-Boer War

  • British lost at Majuba Hill

    Gladstone declined to commit further troops, time or money
    Saw it as Disraeli's ambition for hegemony in SA
  • Arabi Pasha uprising

    Threatened Suez Canal, safety of European lives, British investments
    Public pressure in the press - occupied British reporters
  • Khedive Tewfiq installed as ruler

  • Gladstone withdrew troops following Mahdist rebellion

    Said that Sudanese are "rightly struggling to be free"
  • Berlin Conference

    Somaliland + Bechuanaland into British protectorates
    Local Tswana rulers still in power - Gladstone reluctant to take on further management or costs
  • Germans claimed New Guinea

    Germans claimed New Guinea
    Renames it Kaiser Wilhelmsland
    Gladstone resisted intervention/direct conflict with Germany
    Thomas McIlwraith (premier of Queensland) ordered occupation of South-eastern New Guinea
    Australia financed development of British New Guinea
  • Parliamentary Reform Act

    Franchise expanded to 5.5 million
    Trend of Tories supporting empire for popular support was continued
  • Gladstone resigns

  • King Solomon's Mines

    Imperialist literature
    Written by H. Rider Haggard
  • Lord Salisbury becomes PM

    Lord Salisbury becomes PM
  • Gladstone reelected

    Introduced Home Rule Bill for Ireland
    Reluctant imperialist
    Was sympathetic towards Irish nationalists
  • Colonial and Indian Exhibition

    Human zoo
    Colonial peoples paraded for entertainment and self congratulation
  • On the Origins of Species

    On the Origins of Species
    Led to Social Darwinism
  • Africa Exhibition

    Traders, gov officials, missionaries, scientific groups who wanted to showcase Stanley's African travels
    Two boys from Bechuanaland on display
    Displays of weapons
  • Salisbury re-elected

  • North-west Frontier Province