Atomic Bomb Documents

  • Imperial Navy Order 37

  • Imperial Army Order 1299

  • Stimson Memorandum to the President

  • Palmer Article in LA Times

  • New Republic Editorial

  • Yank Article

  • Franck Report

  • Bard Memorandum

  • White House Meeting Minutes

  • Stimson Memorandum

  • MET Lab Petition

  • Memorandum for General Arnold

  • Leaflets dropped over Japan

  • Bombing of Hiroshima

    The bomb known as "Little Boy" was dropped over Hiroshima. Initially there were about 70,000 deaths and 70,000 injured. Eventually at least 50,000 more died of related causes.
  • Telegram from Russell to Truman

  • Bombing of Nagsaki

    "Fat Man" was dropped over Nagasaki, Deaths were estimated as 50,000 initially and 80,00 by the end of the year.