Atlantic World and Discovery of the New World Timeline

By cheine1
  • Oct 8, 1492

    Columbus Sails the Ocean Blue

    Columbus's needlessly famous voyage that changed the world forever. It is needlessly famous because many people and cultures discovered the new world far before he did.
  • Oct 8, 1511

    First Enslaved Africans Arrive in the Americas

    This begins the era of the slave trade or triangle trade that killed and enslaved many African people.
  • Oct 8, 1521

    Cortès conquers the Aztec Empire

    Using modern weapons, disease and internal disorder, Cortes conquers the powerful and advanced Aztec Empire.
  • Oct 8, 1533

    Pizarro conquers Incan Empire

    The advanced and powerful Incan Empire is conquered by Europeans. While most was destroyed, Machu Pichu remains a tribute to their advanced sense of architecture and engineering.
  • English found Jamestown

    This is the first English colony in the New World. It started what became the famous 13 colonies which became America.
  • English found Plymouth

    The 1st successful English colony, Plymouth was founded by Pilgrims on the Mayflower. Their story is now a major part of US history.
  • French and Indian War ends

    This was a war fought in the colonies by the French and the English for possesion of the Ohio Valley area. The English were victorious.