Atlantia timeline

By thh4091
  • Period: to

    Constuction of Atlantia

    Just Atlantia being built nothing special.
  • The founding of Atlantia

    Samuel Sensender founds the country Atlantia. He found it by boat!
  • The Iron Rush

    Iron are found in a mine where hundreds of workers find a decades worth of salary! Many people rush into the mine. We call this the iron rush!
  • Great treaty with Oukoku

    Oukoko signs the great treaty of Friendship with Atlantia!
  • Period: to

    Atlantia launch station being built

    Atlantia space station fires rockets and satelites to Jupiter, Mars, and Venus.
  • Tyler the great's mansion completed!

    Tyler the great and famous hockey player MVP of the league for 5 straight years had his mansion finally completed!
  • Great alliance

    Great alliance with Tylerland and Oukoku!!
  • Tsunami hits Tyler beach

    1st tsunami of the year! The famous Tyler the great was killed on his 45th birthday. He was trying to run away when he faceplanted into a lifeguard stand. The tsunami drowned him. It was a very sad day in Atlantia history.
  • 2nd tsunami this year hits Tyler beach

    After this tsunami people are thinking of renaming the beach tsunami beach!
  • 3rd Tsunami of the year hits Tyler beach AGAIN

    After the 3rd tsunami that year near the beach people decided to rename it tsunami beach.
  • Reported sightings of Tyler the great. Could he be a ghost?

    People have reported several sightings of dead Tyler the great. The mansion is now called the haunted mansion, and all who go in...never come out.
  • Tyler city completed!

    Tyler city completed in honor of Tyler the great!!
  • Period: to

    War of Atlantia.

    Germans attack Atlantia because they want control over the gold and iron mines in Atlantia.
  • Oukoku joins the war

    The ally Oukoku joins the war and aids the losing Atlantians!
  • Tylerland joins the war to aid Atlantia and Oukoku who are fighting a losing battle.

    Tylerland joins the war to aid us against the Germans. Grrr those Nazis.
  • Treaty of Atlantia

    This day the disastrous war ended with the Treaty of Atlantia. Germany decided that they should stop fighting because of the heavy soldier lossage.
  • Hurricane piklin hits an island off the coast of Tsunami beach.

    After the hurricane and the 569 deaths the people of Atlantia decided to name the island Cemetary island to bury all the dead who die in Atlantia.
  • The West Republic joins an alliance with Atlantia and Oukoku

    The West Republic joins the alliance with Atlantia and Oukoku. Tylerland doesn't want an alliance with The West Republic.
  • Launch of Rocket, Bob!

    This rocket is supposed to reach the closet galaxy! If it is a success we could find more planets that can support life