• Born

  • First word spoken

    Said first word "Mama"
  • First Step

    Took my first step
  • Parents Got Married

  • Parents Divorce

    My parents got divorced when I was 2
  • Father Remarried

    My dad remarried and married my step-mom when I was 5 years old.
  • Learned to tie shoes

    I learned to tie my shoes for the first time
  • Started Kindergarten

  • Started Girlscouts

    All my friends were in Brownies(girl scouts) so I decieded I wanted too as well.
  • Sports

    I played soccer for the first time,
  • Best Friend

    I made my first best friend the beginning of my fourth grade year.
  • Conformed to peer standards

    In fourth grade I also started to dress how all the "cool" kids were dressing.
  • Responsible for pets

    I became responsible for my dog and cat . Feeding and cleaning up after them.
  • Babysat for the first time

    I started to babysit my siblings when my mom started working
  • Bullyied

    I was bullyied for the first time when I was 11.
  • first boyfriend

    I had my first boyfriend.
  • first menstrual cycle

    got my first menstrual cycle
  • bullied again

    Bullied by a few people over the clothes I wore
  • offeredfirst cigarette

    offered my first cigarette but declined.
  • started high school

    started high school
  • moved

    Moved and started a new high shchool
  • developed depression

    After my mom and her long time boyfriend broke up I developed depression because of how bad things were for a little while.
  • moved again

    moved one last time and started my senior year at a new school
  • graduated

    Grauated High school
  • First Job

    Started my first job for a pizza place
  • First long term realtionship

    I got my first real realtionship the summer after I graduated high school.
  • First alcoholic drink

    I had my first alcoholic drink at the age of 18
  • First relationship ended

    Broke up with my first real boyfriend
  • Offered first drug

    Offered marijuana for the first time, I said no.
  • second real relationship

    Got into my second real relationship.
  • First real vacation as an adult

    I took my first real vacation as an adult with my boyfriendto California. I also turned 21 there
  • brroke up with boyfriend

    Broke up with my long term boyfriend
  • Dating new boyfriend

    Started dating new boyfriend
  • Pregnant

    I got pregnant with my child anthony
  • Gave birth

    Gave birth to anthony
  • first house

    Bought the first house with my fiance.
  • started college

    started at schoolcraft
  • Engaged

    Got engaged to my sons father
  • Broke up

    Broke up with my fiance and moved back in with my parents.
  • Finish college

    Finish college
  • First real job

    Get a job working in a hospital as a Labor and Delivery Nurse
  • Buy house

    Buy house with my husband
  • Get married

    Get married to the man I plan on spending the rest of my life with.
  • 2nd child

    Get pregnant with my second child
  • 3rd child

    Have my third and final child
  • New job

    Get offered a new job at a big hospital with lots of room for advancement as a nurse.
  • Family Vacation

    Family vacation to Disney Land
  • First Son Married

    First son gets married
  • First Grandchild

    First grandchild is born
  • Second child marries

    Second child gets married
  • Second grandchild

    Second grandchild is born
  • 3rd child marries

    Third child gets married
  • Third Grandchild

    Third grandchild is born
  • Retire

    Retire with my husband and travel a lot of places.
  • Death

    Me and my husband dies together peacefully in our sleep at home.