Ashlees Personal Time Line

  • Birth

    I was born on Feburary 20th, 2001 in Charlotte North Carolina. My parents where on there way to a friends house when my mom went into labor. They rused to the closet hospital. I was then born in Charlotte United Hospital.
  • life

    I lived in North Carolina birth until 2006 then I moved
  • First Day

    My first day of Kindergarden. I came in 1 week into the school year, as soon as I got to Michigan i began school 2 weeks after. I made my first bestfriend Morgan Davis, weve been friends ever since.
  • Period: to

    Grade school

    I went the Patterson Elementary till 6th grade, i only had one bestfriend throught the whole thing. My last day consisted of crying and happyness not only would i miss my fav teacher but being young.
  • Summer

    Summer of 6th - 7th my godfather was diagnosed with Hotchkins Lymphoma. He was on going treatment and i spent that whole summer by him and around him. I then put up brick walls and i ignored everyone and everything i just lost all care.
  • 7th grade

    After that summer I then started the 7th grade year to a bust, i missed half of the required days because I didnt want to face the world. Soon as I opened up to people 7th grade after that was a blast.
  • 8th grade

    Started eigth grade knowing I was growing up, iIhad to get my life together, everyday was like I was going through the motions. Soon as I got half way through the school year my mom started getting very sick and i srated to miss some days to take care of her.
  • Downfall

    On 11/8/14 my Godfather passed away in Mexico while he was undergoing natural treatments, something went wrong and he started getting a massive nose bleed then he pretty much bled to death. The doctors couldnt clot his blood. I just got back from a indoor soccer team after that my world went black.
  • Period: to


    2 months after him passing I spend every other week at therepy after loosing him. He was my second dad my everything and he passed.
  • End of Eigth Grade

    Eigth Grade ended and summer came. I was sent to my aunts to cope and in Lake Michigan area I would walk out and sit on a dock and just watch the waves and let my mind clear.
  • Sickness

    My mom started getting really sick as soon as I got back I had one week left of summer and I stayed by her to help her on anything she needed and turns out I missed one day on my first week of school at a hospital.