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Argos, Greece

  • 362

    BCE Sparta and Thebes

    BCE     Sparta and Thebes
    The Argian army helps Thebes defeat the powerful city-state of Sparta.
  • 505

    BCE WAR!!!!

    BCE     WAR!!!!
    Around this time, a war took place between Sparta and Argos. But the reasons for this war are unknown.
  • BCE Legend of Io

    BCE     Legend of Io
    One of the most popular legends related to Argos is the legend of Io. Io was the daughter of Inachus and Zeus fell madly in love with her. To protect Io from Hera, Zeus turned Io into a cow. Hera made Zeus give her the cow and sent a gadfly to chase Io around the world. However, Zeus was eventually able to turn her back into a human and Hercules was one of her descendents.
  • BCE Legend of Phoroneus

    BCE     Legend of Phoroneus
    Phoroneus was supposed to be the child of King Inachus. Legend tells us that he was the Argian version of Prometheus and gave the Argian people fire. he is buried at Argos.
  • BCE Reign of King Inachus

    BCE     Reign of King Inachus
    The first known was King Inachus. Legend says that he was the god of the river that flows in front of the walls of the city. From his name, Argians are also called Indchidaes.
  • BCE Rule of King Pheidon

    BCE     Rule of King Pheidon
    King Pheidon, a descendent of Temenos, became the autocrat of Argos. He greatly increased and unified the territory of Argos. He had a huge influence over Greece and introduced standerd measuresfor all of Greece. He fixed the liquid and solid measures, which became the Pheidonian measures. He also had a hand in the striking of the first coins in Greece.
  • BCE Argian Massacre

    BCE     Argian Massacre
    In 494 BCE, General Kleomenes advanced through Greece. The Argian army tried to stop him. They were defeated and retreated back to the sacred grove of hero Argos. Kleomenes commited a breach of Greek customs of war and burned the grove. Two thirds of the army, over six thousand men died. :(
  • BCE Tyrannical King Is Killed By Tile Thrown BY Old Lady

    BCE     Tyrannical King Is Killed By Tile Thrown BY Old Lady
    The tyrannical king Pyrros tried to conquer Argos in 229 BCE. HIs invasion was stopped when he was killed by a tile thrown by an old lady.
  • Period: to Feb 13, 1100

    The Dorian Age

    Around 1100 BCE, the Dorians came and conquered parts of Greece. They also destroyed Mycenae and Tyrins. Argos became the base of legendary Dorian leader Temenos. Argos prospered underhis rule.
  • Period: to

    The Corinth War

    During the Corinth War, Argos was an ally of Corinth. Why? Just because. We don't know. No one knows. All we know is that they were defeated.