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Argentina's history timeline

By carl149
  • Jan 1, 1500

    spanish colonise Argentina

    spanish colonise Argentina
    the Spanish were the first to colonise Argentina and then came the European (manly Italian), and then slaves brought from Africa to work in the colony from between the 17th century and the 19th century. This was so important because it was the start of the country.
  • Period: Jan 1, 1500 to

    Argentina's history

  • Jan 1, 1553

    first permanent town in Argentina

    first permanent town in Argentina
    Santiago del Estero was the first city established in Argentina. Their inhabitant’s is 244,733 people and it is the 12th largest city in Argentina. This is important because Santiago del Estero was the first permanent settlement at it brought new towns and city’s
  • Jan 1, 1580

    Buenos Aires made

    Buenos Aires made
    Buenos Aires is a town and is now the capital city in Argentina.it is the largest in Argentina and second largest in South America after Sao Paulo. This is very important because Buenos Aires is the largest city in the country and it is the capitol city.
  • Argentina adopts flag

    Argentina adopts flag
    It was created by Manuel Belgrano and was first raised in the city of Rosario on February 27, 1812, during the Argentine War of Independence. Well since it is a country they will need a flag to be identified or representative
  • Argentina has civil war

    Argentina has civil war
    a civil war is a war in a single country and no other countries participate. The main reason for this war was centralism in Buenos Aires, the provinces that were involved in this were the Buenos Aires province, the Federal party and the Unitarian party. this is important in Argentina’s history because if a country like Argentina has a civil war it’s a big deal really any war is a big deal
  • Argentina declares independance

    Argentina declares independance
    the declaration was created by the Congress of Tucumán, they even had a war for their independence from 1810 –1818 against forces from the Spanish crown. This was very important because Argentina became its own nation and parted from the Spanish crown.
  • Argentina claims falkland islands

    Argentina claims falkland islands
    the Falkland islands are the cluster of islands around the southernmost part of Argentina and there have been many wars over these islands like France , great Britain , united states , Spain , united kingdoms and then Argentina. Well claiming new land is important to any country so it can grow.
  • the dirty war

    the dirty war
    the dirty war began in 1976 after a military coupe on march 26 1976 brought power to General Jorge Videla, it was a state of terrorism in Argentina. The period after the coupe was chaos. The army was doing well but it was badly damaging the country’s economy. Well this was big because it through the country into chaos and it badly hurt Argentina’s economy, so it was major in Argentina’s history