Arab-Israeli Conflict

Timeline created by MustafaAL
  • 1948 Arab-Israeli War

    1948 Arab-Israeli War
    This was the defining war of this conflict, and this is what happened when it all boiled over into an actual war between two sides. These two sides both disagreed with the power divide in whatever country they had occupied at the same time. Due to this, conflict was born, and henceforth devolved into actual warfare.
  • Suez Crisis

    Suez Crisis
    As a new president in Egypt was elected, he immediately took a hostile stance towards Israel. He nationalized the Suez Canal, and Britain and France responded by striking up a deal with Israel, who were being discriminated against through the usage of the Suez Canal, barring their movement within the canal. It involved Israel starting a conflict with Egypt, and France and Britain intervene as peacemakers. Egypt later winning the little skirmishes that they had.
  • The War That Lasted Six Days

    The War That Lasted Six Days
    This is the third time that the conflict has escalated to actual warfare, and during this time, Syria intensified its bombarded of Israeli villages. Israel retaliated by shooting down Syrian fighter jets. This came to be known as the Six-Day War, or by some, the June War.
  • Yom-Kippur War

    Yom-Kippur War
    As a result of previous actions in the Six-Day War, conflicts once more escalated in 1973, as on their holy day, Israel was attacked by Egypt on the Suez Canal. However, the Israeli army reversed this loss by crossing the canal, and occupying Syrian territory and using that to route the Egyptian army. They signed a peace agreement in 1974 after a few months of fighting.
  • Lebanon War

    Lebanon War
    As a result of increasing tensions between Palestine and Israel, Israelis bombed the city of Beirut and southern Lebanon. The following day, Israel took the initiative to invade Lebanon. Wanting to route the Palestinian Liberation Organization, they even went as far as the outskirts. Through negotiation, the PLO left Lebanon under supervision, and Israel then left later on.