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Arab-Israeli Conflict

  • Palestine Liberation Orgnaization (PLO)

    Palestine Liberation Orgnaization (PLO)
    Palestinians still had a very strong sense of nationalism in them so the Palestine Liberation Organization was formed. This organization was formed along with a pledge to destroy Israel and replace it with a Palestine state.
  • Camp David Accords

    Camp David Accords
    The David Camp Accords was the peace agreement that Israel and Eygpt finally made after 30 years of hostility. This agreement was Eypt's recognization of Israel and the return of Sinai Peninsula to Eygpt. But this so called peace agreement didn't stop the tension between Arabs and Israels.
  • Israel Inavding Lebanon

    Israel Inavding Lebanon
    Due to the PLO attacks, Israel in order to stop the attacks inavded Lebanon in the year 1978 and again in 1982.But the tensions were still high.
  • Palestine First Intifada

    Palestine First Intifada
    Palestinian resentment finally boiled up and they began the first Intifad, rebellion. In this Intifada Palestinian youth battled the Israel troop bring along violence amoung the streets, Israel only choice was to respond with militray and police resistance.
  • Israel Prime Minister and PLO Leader Negotiate

    Israel Prime Minister and PLO Leader Negotiate
    The PLO Leader and Prime Minster of Israel decided to negotiate to stop the violence. The suppose agreement was to allow Palestine gain control over the governing of the West Bank and Gaza. But extremist from both Israel and Arab impede from this negotiate to be approved. This lead to suicide bombings and assasinations.
  • Palestine Second Intifada

    Palestine Second Intifada
    Palestine youth this time around the second intifada they were accompanied by Palestine security with guns. This resulted in suicide bombing in Israel affecting the civilians there. Israel had to fight back with tanks, fighter jets, and helicopter gunships.
  • Israel Withdraws

    Israel Withdraws
    Israel's Prime Minister Ariel Sharon decided to withdraw from Gaza and West Bank in 2004 and by 2005 Gaza was given back to Palestine. But this caused tensions as well.
  • Tensions Grow Again

    Tensions Grow Again
    Tensions grew again when Hamas had won control of the Palestine paraliment. Due to this armed conflict arosed. Militants had kidnapped many Israel soldiers leading to Israel launching massive air strikes and ground offensives.