Struggle for peace of Arab-Israeli conflict

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  • President Sadat begin to work with Israel for peace

    President Sadat begin to work with Israel for peace
    Stunned the world by visiting Jerusalem before the Israeli parliament spoke " Today I'll tell you and declare it to the world, that we accept to live with you in peace based on Justice.
  • Peace treaty

    Peace treaty
    President Sadat and Israeli Prime Minister Menchem signed a peace treaty at camp David
  • President Sadat's assassination

    President Sadat's assassination
    President Sadat was assassinated during a military parade. Soldiers opened fire from a truck and kill serval other people, but the peace continued
  • Israel fights back against PLO

    Israel fights back against PLO
    Israel fought by bombing suspected PLO strong strong hold and invaded Lebanon to strike PLO base.
  • New conflict

    New conflict
    A new popular uprising against Israel called intifada ("shaking off")
  • Oslo accords

    Oslo accords
    Peace talks between PLO and Israel. PLO agreed to recognize Israel in return for Palestine self-rule in West bank and Gaza
  • The second intifada

    The second intifada
    Peace process stalled and the handover of lands took longer than expected.The PLO renounced violence, the violence increased to what became know as the second intifada.