Arab Israel Conflict

  • Establishment of Israel

    The State of Israel, the first Jewish state for nearly 2,000 years, was announced at 1600 on 14 May 1948 in Tel Aviv.
  • Period: to

    Arab Israel Conflict

  • Formation of the PLO

    In January 1964, Arab - wanting to create a Palestinian organisation that would remain under their control - voted to create a body called the Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO).
  • The 1967 War

    Mounting tensions between Israel and its Arab neighbours culminated in six days of hostilities starting on 5 June 1967 and ending on 11 June
  • Arafat's first UN appearance

    In the 1970s, under Yasser Arafat's leadership, PLO factions and other military Palestinian groups such as Abu Nidal launched manyattacks on Israeli and other targets. One attack took place at the Munich Olympics in 1972 in which 11 Israeli athletes were killed.
  • The 1973 Yom Kippur war

    The United States, the Soviet Union and the United Nations all made interuptions to bring about ceasefire agreements between the sides. Egypt and Syria jointly lost an about 8,500 soldiers in the fighting, while Israel lost only about6,000.
  • Israel and Egypt make peace

    Egyptian President Anwar Sadat shocked the world by flying to the Jewish state and making a announcement speech to the Israeli parliament in Jerusalem on 19 November 1977.
  • Israel invades Lebanon

    The Israeli army launched a massive military battle into Lebanon in the summer of 1982. Operation "Peace for Galilee" was intended to wipe out Palestinian guerrilla bases near Israel's northern border, although Defence Minister Ariel Sharon pushed all the way to Beirut and got rid of the PLO from the country.
  • PLO opens door to peace

    Despite its military might, Israel was unable to quell the intifada which started in 1987 and was backed by the entire Palestinian population living under Israeli rule.
  • Birth of the Palestinian Authority

    On 4 May 1994 Israel and the Palestinian Liberation Organisation reached an agreement in Cairo on the enjoyment of the 1993 Declaration of Principles.
  • West Bank re-occupied

    Palestinian militants carried out an large amount of attacks in the first three months of the year, including a hotel bombing which killed 29 on the eve of the Jewish Passover holiday.